One way to instantly recreate bohemian spaces in your home is to exploit the enormous potential of wallpaper. Wallpaper was once adorned the walls of every house, whatever the social level of its inhabitants, is now back in fashion.

Of course, it is not an easy choice, indeed, you must always be very careful , because once you have decorated your walls with the chosen wallpaper singapore, then it will not be so easy to retrace your steps. Before we start showing you bohemian style wallpaper ideas and styles, here are some tips to avoid having second thoughts .

Useful tips if you choose wallpaper

Before decorating your walls with bohemian-style wallpaper singapore, here are some tips to understand if it is the right choice. First of all, here’s our number one tip : your walls are perfectly dry and you don’t have any moisture problems , right? Because if you have them, then the wallpaper will only complicate everything, as well as make the final effect really unpleasant.

Also, if a painted wall is damaged by moisture , but can be more easily repainted, the operation with wallpaper is much more complex. We therefore advise against covering your walls with wallpaper if you have these problems . This is one of the reasons, among other things, why wallpaper is hardly used in the bathroom, a usually humid environment.

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The second tip is to evaluate the style well . Wallpaper is a choice that can certainly give a different face to any environment, but it is a face that cannot be changed easily, if not by removing it completely and redecorating the walls again. That’s why, before you apply your wallpaper, make sure it won’t bore you and that it goes well with the rest of the decor.

Wallpaper for the bohemian style: ideas to inspire you

And here we are at the heart of the article: let’s see which wallpaper is best suited to approach and enhance a bohemian-style environment . We have chosen for your ideas for all tastes , from the most minimal to the most eccentric , precisely because the bohemian style is a fashion that lends itself to satisfying different types of looks, as you are about to see.